Sms Jokes

You will find a unique assortment of sms jokes.
A line written on a Husband's T shirt : ALL GIRLS ARE DEVIL BUT MY WIFE IS QUEEN.. . . . . . . . OF THEM..:-P... more>>
Ultimate insult.. I Iove your smile becoz.. . . . . . . My favorite colour is "YELLOW"!! :D'... more>>
Girlfriend & Police Main Kia Baat Common Hay ??? . . . . . socho ! . . . . . . socho ! . . . . . . Aur Socho ! . . . . Donoo... more>>
Lady on Phone.. Lady: Hi Sir, I want to meet and talk to you. You are the father of one of my Kids. Man Stunnd, Omg! Are yoy Riya? No Anu... more>>
Three engineers and three accountants were traveling by train to a conference. At the station, the three accountants each bought tickets and watched a... more>>
Teacher: which vegetable makes your eyes water? Student: Any vegetable. Teacher: How? Student: Just rub any vegetable in your eyes and see what hap... more>>
Man to God: Please give me a long life. God: Get married son. Man: How will it help me God? God: You will not think of long life ever again. ... more>>
Girl to her boyfriend: Very Nice Mobile!!. Where Did You Buy It? Boy: I Won This In A Running Race. Girl: WOW How Many People Participated? Boy: ... more>>
A guy wanted to know the age of a girl so he asked: Boy: may i ask you what is your date of birth? Girl: yes, it is 4th July (she tried to avoid the... more>>
Eye Doctor: Tell Me How Many Fingers Do You See On my Both Hands? Patient: 13. Doctor: What!! How come! I Don't Understand! Whether Your Eyes Are W... more>>
During a job interview: Manager: What's the highest level of education you obtained? Candidate: PHD Manager: Great! So that means you have a Doctor... more>>
worlds sweetest and best kind of Sleeping are: 1-Sleeping on Lover's Shoulder When We Are Alone. 2-Sleeping on Moms Lap when we are so tired. 3-Sle... more>>
American: Can U swim? Pathan: No American: Dog is Better than U bcz Dog can Swims Pathan: Okay, Can U swim? American: Yes Pathan: Then What is t... more>>
Husband to Wife: Did you have any boyfriend before our marriage? Wife stays silent for a bit Husband wondering: why you silent.... Wife : just let... more>>
Lips are like FRIENDS.. if we say READ, WRITE, LEARN, they will never meet.. but if we say BUNK, PLAY, PARTY, PICNIC, fatafat mil jaate hai ;)... more>>
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