Sms Jokes

You will find a unique assortment of sms jokes.
Wo Bhi Kahti Hai ki, "Pyar Andha Hota Hai" Arey ! Pyar Andha Nahi hai Bahan" Tune Pyar Andha-Dhundh Kiya Hai".... more>>
A Man who lost his wife in the Tsunami Lhro, One day stood on the sea ..! Wave was Touching her Feet ..! Suddenly he Exclaimed: Hold the leg at S... more>>
"Oxygen is a must for Breathing and Life. It was discovered in 1773." A Student Responds, "Thank God I was born after 1773! Otherwise I Would hav... more>>
Hi. I am house Right Now, I am Just Screening my Calls. So Start Talking and If you Are Some one I want to Speak with I will Pick up the Phone. Othe... more>>
Neutrons Attacked them. a Hero saves them. Protons ask "who are you?" Hero says "Bond........Ionic Bond"... more>>
Husband was Begger Pretending to be Blind ? wife his Goods words to me ? No what did he Say? He Said that I was so Kind wife is Young . So I ... more>>
A Beggar Mets another Beggar.Is Called a Software Engineer meets another Software Engineer. Is Called Work Of Software . Both of them ask the Sa... more>>
I have no Rupees. You can give me Some Atta (flour). there is no Atta Left. Then give me an old Shirt or Pajama. I have no Shirt or Pajama - Old o... more>>
Scientists fear that the Chinese white-fin dolphin known as the "goddess of the river" has been rendered extinct due to over fishing and increased... more>>
The world's tallest man saved the life of a dolphin by sticking his hand down it's throat and cleaning debris from it's stomach. Normally the dolphin ... more>>
A man walks into a bar with a dolphin in his ear. The bar man, Surprised, says you got a dolphin in your ear. the man replies, What a at? you wil... more>>
A woman got married to the man who has got one leg. The next day she mailed her mother my husband got one foot her mother replied thats wonderful! ... more>>
I went into our local bookstore and saw this huge display with a sign saying .Newly translated from the original French: 37 mating positions. N... more>>
Baaju ke ghar se IODEX Maang ke La. Wo log Nahi Denge. Haan! Bade kanjoos or kamine log hai Chal Apni hi almaari se Nikaal le!... more>>
At age 4 success is . . Not peeing in your Pants At age 12 success is . Having Friends At age 16 success is . .Having a Drivers License At age 20 ... more>>
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