Short Jokes

Bored of reading long jokes..?? Here is the huge collection of short jokes.
When You are at loss Words But Wants to Tell Some One That He Or She Stupid. Lights Not Burning to Bright. Like a Barometer - Vaccum at top .... more>>
As In Many Homes On News Year Day,A Happily Married Couple Faced The Annual Conflict Of Which Was More Important the Football Match On Televisio... more>>
A Sales ManTired of his Job Gave it Up to Become a Policeman Several Month Later A Friend Asked How He Liked his New Role Well He Repied The Pay... more>>
For the weeks Six-Year-Old Lady Kept Telling his First Grade Teacher About the Baby Brother or Sister that Was Expected at this House. One Da... more>>
A Man and his sons were walking in the forest . Suddenly the boy trips and feelings a sharp pain he screams Ahhhh. Surprised he hears a voice c... more>>
Mujhe Chai to dena Biwi ne plate me chai dal ke diya Ponting Ghusse me: Cup me dal ke do Biwi: CUP to tera Bap Dhoni le jayega, Isi me peene ki aa... more>>
Ek Machhar preshaan baitha tha. Dusre ne poochha, "Kya hua?" Pehla bola, "Yaar gazab ho raha hai.. Masale Dani mei Masala.. Chuhe Dani mei chuha.... more>>
When a Non IT Girl Marries an IT Proffessional He: (Returning late from work) "Good Evening Dear, I`m now logged in." She: Have you brought the ... more>>
Galieo:Great mind Einstein:Genius Mind Newton:Extraordinary Mind Bill Gates:Brilliant Mind Sir George w.bush: Never Mind ... more>>
Give Priority to your parents except God. You know why?? Because God gives us life with both Happy and Sad moments but our parents always try to giv... more>>
M = M ymom O = O bilge T = T erriffic H = H onest E = E xcellent R = R esponseble I really really do love my mother, more than I can explain eve... more>>
"B"e"a"u"t"i"f"u"l" Subah "c"o"l"o"u"r"f"u"l" Dopeher "J"o"y"f"u"l" Shaam "P"e"a"c"e"f"u"l" Raat Enjoy this "F"a"n"t"a"s"t"i"c" morning........ more>>
Kg: Kisi se dosti nai thi or ladka ladki sb hath pakad kr chalte the, 12: Dosti bhi or pyar bhi phir hath pakdne se darte the. Kg: Pencil,ruber,sh... more>>
3 aadmi marneke baad god ke paas"swarg or nark" ke dicigen ke liye pahoch jate hai.. ,.........(sswarg ke darwajepar)......... 1st Aadmi:-god me ek ... more>>
1.Prove That 100=6 .. Students said, "Out of syllabus". Engg Students simply start answering. Let a=b then Multiply both side by 94 94a=94b (1... more>>
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