Short Jokes

Bored of reading long jokes..?? Here is the huge collection of short jokes.
Lucky people get opportunities, Brave people,create opportunities, ButReal winners. r those.who convert Their to opportunities. ... more>>
His fellow employees always met for a round of golf every Saturday. They asked George to meet them at 10:00 Saturday morning. George replied that ... more>>
On his tee-off, the golfer's ball lands in a patch of buttercups. The caddy tells the golfer he can take the ball onto the course, and he won't ta... more>>
It's Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, and a man makes his way to his seat right at center ice. He sits down, noticing that the seat next to him is... more>>
A man was surf fishing along the beach when he found a bottle. He looked around but didn't see anyone so he opened it A genie appeared and than... more>>
She doesn't know which one to get so she just grabs one and goes over to the counter where there's a shop assistant wearing dark shades. "Excuse m... more>>
A Man was stoped by a game warden in northern algonium park recentlywith two buckets fishing leaving lake well known for its fishings. The gam... more>>
A man phone house from his officen and tell him wife somethinghas just to go fishing for aweek. the opportunity of alife time we leave right time ... more>>
When You are at loss Words But Wants to Tell Some One That He Or She Stupid. Lights Not Burning to Bright. Like a Barometer - Vaccum at top .... more>>
As In Many Homes On News Year Day,A Happily Married Couple Faced The Annual Conflict Of Which Was More Important the Football Match On Televisio... more>>
A Sales ManTired of his Job Gave it Up to Become a Policeman Several Month Later A Friend Asked How He Liked his New Role Well He Repied The Pay... more>>
For the weeks Six-Year-Old Lady Kept Telling his First Grade Teacher About the Baby Brother or Sister that Was Expected at this House. One Da... more>>
A Man and his sons were walking in the forest . Suddenly the boy trips and feelings a sharp pain he screams Ahhhh. Surprised he hears a voice c... more>>
Mujhe Chai to dena Biwi ne plate me chai dal ke diya Ponting Ghusse me: Cup me dal ke do Biwi: CUP to tera Bap Dhoni le jayega, Isi me peene ki aa... more>>
Ek Machhar preshaan baitha tha. Dusre ne poochha, "Kya hua?" Pehla bola, "Yaar gazab ho raha hai.. Masale Dani mei Masala.. Chuhe Dani mei chuha.... more>>
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