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Let's make a toss and decide who the winner will be..!!!
Hey guys, check out Rajnikanth's Driving License! :-D
That must be the line she asked not to cross.. LOL!
You can read about how my day went in school on my Facebook page, Daddy.. :-D
This Deo Spray is for Terrorists only.. Buy this and get that stinking Goat fragrance.. Get ...  more>>
Give me the definition of a mosquito?
This is the only way the iPhone can live up to the hype.. LOL!
Enough with the Blonde jokes already, you guys.. I'm fed up!!!
Difference between iPhone and Nokia Phone Users. Check it out! LOL!
Please don't try to disturb me while I'm working Facebook.. I need to focus on my Books righ ...  more>>
So, this is how the Arabs drill the oil from the ground.. Seems like a money-saving device.. ...  more>>
Oops..!!! Seems like the NEW Dad washed the garbage and threw the baby in the Trash Can inst ...  more>>
Seems like someone turned 300 today. Hey.. wish you a very Happy Birthday! Don't forget to ...  more>>
Ooh.. seems like a very tense chess match is going on.. Look at the kid's reaction.. he seems ...  more>>
This is the Perfect Computer for lazy geeks and nerds.. LOL! Check it out!
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