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Chewbacca takes on his new life as a rap gangster under his new name, 2 pacca. Wazzup, h ...  more>>
All you Twilight-loving people out there, we must find and stop this kid before he buys the ...  more>>
In case of nothing to do, break glass and sweep up the broken pieces.. That will keep you bu ...  more>>
Why this Kolaveri Di? Or.. Why this Kohli Veri Da??? The Pak Team seems confused!!! ...  more>>
This is how Girls and Guys react in similar situations.. I'm sure you girls agree with me he ...  more>>
This is how you mentally choreograph elaborate fight scenes with complete strangers.. LOL!
Whoa! Check this out! A bird with a Wi-fi.. who needs wires anyway! LOL!
Do you how Happiness can be measured??? Here's the answer.. It can be measured with Cats.. th ...  more>>
We all know what LOL, OMG, ROTFL, LMAO, TVYM, CUL etc. stands for.. but what about ROFBIAOF? Does a ...  more>>
I became a Boxer coz they they said I can be ANYTHING..! :-D
Daily routine of a modern man in a modern world living a modern life. :-D
Now Cats and Dogs can understand and talk to each other it seems.. Check out this pic! :-D
In Today's World, TVs are getting slimmer but the men are NOT! Check out the pic below.. LOL!
A glass a day sounds fine..when the glass is THAT big.. LOL!
Psssttt!!! Just pretend that you hear something.. they will go nuts seeing you.. LOL!
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