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LOL! The Teacher must have thought the Kid came as Hitler! :-D
It's a good thing for Geeks that Facebook came along! LOL!
Can't you shut your mouth for sometime? Even WE are getting sick of your barking!!! LOL!
Awwww.. Look at this cute dog with its cute slippers.. Awwww.. :-)
Someone save him before he DIES!!! LOL!
What's this? Don't you mean Fresh CRABS???
So, your fave show is 'Pimp My Ride' in backwards.. Now that is weird! :-D
Check out these Classic Catches
Look at the Stats.. This is how you really sound and how you think you sound like.. LOL!
Guess that must be Sallu's Team.. LOL!
Ever heard of an A-pod guys? Check this out! :-D
Akhir Dhoni ne Dho Dala.. :-P
Hey I've grown a pear.. Can we talk now? :-D
Check the list below.. These are Sachin's tips to all the cricket-crazy youngsters out there.. ...  more>>
When he said he was going to feed the Baby Turtles.. He literally meant it.. He fed the Baby ...  more>>
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