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Bwahahahahhahahh.. Now she's all mine.. :-D
Facebook in Real Life.. This is how people will react when they see each other in real life ...  more>>
LOL! Check out it's a dog swearing that he won't pee on the house anymore.. :-D
That Fast Food Restaurant seems pretty darn FAST.. LOL!
Here we go again.. Check out the difference between PC and Mac, guys! :-D
Is that guy frying a Bacon in Class???? Oh.. there's nothing unusual about it.. It's just a ...  more>>
So, Mr. Kim-Jong-Il that guy got the gun coz he's your nephew, eh? Talk about Special Tr ...  more>>
This is how the new Lambhorgini Aventador got its name. LOL!
Your worst Nightmare.. Ladies in their 80's selling Girl Scout Cookies. :-D
Nos, THAT's a well-trained dog. LOL!
This is how they train bad guys in the Bad Guys Training Headquarters. Good shot, dude! Kee ...  more>>
All he does is sit around in the couch, watch TV and drink beer all day! Such a typical Cat. ...  more>>
What's the definition of Handkerchief?
How people used to act BEFORE Facebook and how they act NOW! If you like a girl earlier you ...  more>>
How to know that you've just had an Accident? This is how.. LOL!
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