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Seems like Pikachu has been on a strict diet! :-D
God wants you to follow him, dude! He means like literally follow Him not on Twitter. LOL!
Attention everyone, that is Sparta.. LOL!
Stealing a bike and asking for forgiveness, now that's a conniving little kid.. LOL!
Check this out, people! It looks Super Awesome!
I guess it's called Mt. Rushless since there are no faces in the mountains.. LOL!
According to this survey, I guess there are not too many foreigners in Britain.. LOL!
Have you seen 'Madagascar', the movie? If you have then, you might like this.. :) I like to ...  more>>
Now, that's interesting.. That ARC is unbreakable people! It survived an Atom Bomb and an E ...  more>>
Asians man!!! They are all Ninjas! :-D
Funny! Some people are just plain weird! LOL!
How can he hate Babies? They are so cute and cuddly! Seems like this guy's a weirdo! :-P
What is a Secret?
Oh how I love planting crops, harvesting it and selling it at Farmville.. But I'd hate it if ...  more>>
Watch where you go.. or else you'll be licked by the Resident Evil Dod.. :-P LOL!
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