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Anrnab Asks Pappu: What Do You Drive?

Welcome back to Frankly Speaking after a short break.

Arnab: So Pappu, what do you drive?

Pappu: My father was a pilot and so was my uncle. They had their pilots license from USA. When my grandmother didn't die in a plane crash... (Arnab, now trying hard to conceal hi amusement cuts him short yet again)

Arnab: I ll repeat the question again and please be very very specific in answering it. What do you drive?

Pappu: Before we get into the specifics we have to delve into little bit of the facts that why I am sitting here and answering your questions. When you were youn. (Cut short again!)

Arnab: Gotcha! You dont drive anything you just "drive me and listeners crazy". Lets quickly move onto the next question after a short break.