Oneline Jokes

The social studies teacher had just finished a unit on war and peace. "How many of you," he asked, "would say you're opposed to war?" Not surpri... more>>
The group had surrounded a dog. Concerned the boys were hurting the dog, the reverend went over and asked, "What are you doing with that dog?" One ... more>>
santa aur banta speed mai scooter se ja rahe the.. traffic police- tm scooter itni speed mai kyu chala rahe ho,agr tmhara accident ho jaye to? santa... more>>
A mother asked her young son, as they waited for the bus, to tell the driver he was 5 years old, because then he would ride for free. As they got i... more>>
Working as a pediatric nurse, I had the difficult assignment of giving immunization shots to children. One day I entered the examining room to give fo... more>>
An elderly man took his little grandson for a walk around the local cemetery. Pausing before one gravestone, he said, "There lies a very honest man... more>>
Little Johnny first in the classroom and his teacher gets really upset and throws him out. He goes and sits outside the class and can't stop laughing.... more>>
Teacher: Tell me the name of any Microsoft Product? Bunty: MS Excel Lucky: MS Word Bittu: MS Powerpoint . . . . Pappu after thinking a lot, M... more>>
Man 1: After buying this new hearing aid, I am able to hear something two blocks away. Man 2: Cool, how much did it cost? Man 1: The time is three... more>>
Bhakt- Hey Bhagwan promotion karwa dena, 51 rs. ka bhig aapke charanon mein rakh rha hoon.... God- . . . . . Pagal h, marwayega kya? ANNA dekh... more>>
A magician was working on a cruise ship in the Caribbean. The audience would be different each week, so the magician allowed himself to do the same tr... more>>
A pig and a chicken were walking by a church where a gala charity event was taking place. Getting caught up in the spirit, the pig suggested to the ch... more>>
Husband explained - Dear! Look at this stuff on your birthday inflation too have grown to order | so we should decrease your expenses | Wife said - ... more>>
As a Scotsman's walking in the jungle, he meets a gorilla. The gorilla is eating a huge snake sandwich. 'Excuse me,' says the Scotsman, 'but where did... more>>
Speaker (listen to) - really - really tell me How did you get my address? Listnere- the ending was so cute | Speaker - really, that was beauti... more>>
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