Oneline Jokes

I was once living very actively - playing football, tennis, participating into car races. Sometimes I would play poker and pool. But later somebod... more>>
Pan Ko Jai To Naya Le Sakte Ho Magar Uska Dakkan Ko Jai To Naya Nahi Le Sakte Es liye Life Me Me Ek Baat Hamesa Yaad Rakhna Dosto Pen Hame... more>>
Biwiyan Aati Hai Heer Ki Tarah . Lagati Hai Kheer ki Tarah . Phir Chubhati Hai Teer Ki Tarah. Aur Aakhir me Kar Deti Hai Fakhir Ki Tarah . ... more>>
Engineering Is like a.... . . . . typical Indian public toilet. . . People outside are desperate to go in & people inside are dying to finish... more>>
Bhikari Bhagwan ke Naam Pe Kuch De De Baba Student : Ye Le Meri B.E Ki Degree Rakh Le. Bhikari : Ab Rulayega kya Pagele Tujhe chahiye T... more>>
Papa ek glass pani dena Apne aap le lo Nahi aap de do please. Agar dubara mere se pani manga to 2 thapad marunga. Papa, jab thapad marne aaoge to ... more>>
ENGG- solution: LHS=1Re =100ps =10ps*10ps =0.1rS*0.1rS =0.01rS =1ps Found Any Mistake.. that-s engg! ... more>>
Kya Aap Acchhe Marks La-La Kar Bor Ho Chuke hai.. Then,Join Mbbs! Marks Se No Marks, Acchhe Marks Se Chutkara, Fark Dekhiye 1st Test se.. ... more>>
A Girl May Not Help U 2 Get Lot Of Marks. But Marks May Help U 2 Get Lot Of Girls. So Lov e your Studies,Not Girls "Boys Future Care Committee". ... more>>
Human brain is the most outstanding object in world. It functions 24hrs a day, 365days a year. It functions right from the time we are born, and... more>>
To har exam ke pehle premium bhar dete, Paas hote to thik varna ... insurance claim to kar hi dete.... more>>
If you cry seeing your question paper its an insult, but if you make your teacher cry seeing your answer paper its achievement..!!!! ... more>>
A question for Bill Clinton: "What was Miss Lewinsky's most memorable feature?" "She has the whitest teeth I've ever come across"... more>>
A man was sipping his whiskey, while sitting on the balcony with his wife and he says, I love you so much, I donot know how I could ever live without... more>>
Simple ladke pasand nahi, Modern ladke sincere nahi, Ranbir kapoor milta nahi, aur Main in chakkaro me padta nahi.... more>>
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