Oneline Jokes

Engineering Is like a.... . . . . typical Indian public toilet. . . People outside are desperate to go in & people inside are dying to finish... more>>
Bhikari Bhagwan ke Naam Pe Kuch De De Baba Student : Ye Le Meri B.E Ki Degree Rakh Le. Bhikari : Ab Rulayega kya Pagele Tujhe chahiye T... more>>
Papa ek glass pani dena Apne aap le lo Nahi aap de do please. Agar dubara mere se pani manga to 2 thapad marunga. Papa, jab thapad marne aaoge to ... more>>
ENGG- solution: LHS=1Re =100ps =10ps*10ps =0.1rS*0.1rS =0.01rS =1ps Found Any Mistake.. that-s engg! ... more>>
Kya Aap Acchhe Marks La-La Kar Bor Ho Chuke hai.. Then,Join Mbbs! Marks Se No Marks, Acchhe Marks Se Chutkara, Fark Dekhiye 1st Test se.. ... more>>
A Girl May Not Help U 2 Get Lot Of Marks. But Marks May Help U 2 Get Lot Of Girls. So Lov e your Studies,Not Girls "Boys Future Care Committee". ... more>>
Human brain is the most outstanding object in world. It functions 24hrs a day, 365days a year. It functions right from the time we are born, and... more>>
To har exam ke pehle premium bhar dete, Paas hote to thik varna ... insurance claim to kar hi dete.... more>>
If you cry seeing your question paper its an insult, but if you make your teacher cry seeing your answer paper its achievement..!!!! ... more>>
A question for Bill Clinton: "What was Miss Lewinsky's most memorable feature?" "She has the whitest teeth I've ever come across"... more>>
A man was sipping his whiskey, while sitting on the balcony with his wife and he says, I love you so much, I donot know how I could ever live without... more>>
Simple ladke pasand nahi, Modern ladke sincere nahi, Ranbir kapoor milta nahi, aur Main in chakkaro me padta nahi.... more>>
What's Mutual Exclusion? It means.. You skip some topics when you study. & the person who sets the paper also skips the topics which you have stud... more>>
Beggar: Sir please give me rs. 10 For coffee. Man: Coffee? Its rs. 5 only. Beggar: 1 for my girlfriend! Man: Wow! you too made a girlfriend? Begga... more>>
In a tense game, a batsman was given run out, a decision with which he obviously disagreed. He paced up and down outside the pavilion until the umpi... more>>
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