Oneline Jokes

Wikipedia: I know everything! Google: I have everything! Facebook: I know everybody! Internet: Without me you are nothing! Electricity: Keep talki... more>>
There was an employment advertisement in an office. So a guy went there. Managrer asked him: "Do you know what is the meaning of Ph.D.? "The guy a... more>>
when I Lost my riffle, the Army Charged me$ 85 . that Why in the Navy the Captain goes Down with the Ship. ... more>>
God is also an Engineer BRAHMA:- System installer VISHNU:- System supporter SHIVA:- System Programmer NARAD:- Data transferer YAM:-Deleter APSAR... more>>
shift+ctrl+Esc & then click on END TASK.. Then wait for some seconds. Your PC is OK now. ... more>>
Tick Tock Mind Block Pen Stop Eyes Up Tym Shock Jaw Drop No Luck Tym-s Up Oh F**K EXams Suck Stil Good Luck. ... more>>
O Master ji, When I cum, rain cham cham. Leg my fisla, I gira dham. Niche my bag&upar was hum. Isliye 2 days, I not cum.... more>>
1-bal 2-buddhi 3-aishwarya 4-sukh 5-swasthya 6-daulat 7-abhijeet 8-nirbhikta 9-sampannta pradan kare Jai Mata Di... more>>
1 mother-s love 2 father-s advice 3 brother-s care 4 sister-s fight 5 Kisi ka pyar & 6.Oye apni dosti yaar.... more>>
Peene de yaar abhi raat baki hai, mere hisse ke do jaam baki hai, jana hai sab kuch bhula ke mujhe maykhane se, peene de, dil me abhi kisi ki yaad ... more>>
1980-Love Me But dont Touch Me 1990-Touch Me But dont Kiss Me 2000-Kiss Me Butor Kuch matKarna 2005-Sab Kuch KarLo par Kisi Ko Batana Nahi 2011-Su... more>>
Mere Dil me hai gham itna gehra Wah wah Mere Dil me hai gham itna gehra Jo jeeta hua match hara de wo hai Ashish Nehra ... more>>
Papers ki roti notes ka achar Tubelite ki kirne questions ki bahar Teachers ki dushmani dosto ka pyaar So mubarak ho ap ko exams ka tehwar ... more>>
Dosto se har lamhe me diwali hai Dosti ki ye dunia diwani hai Dosto ke bina zindagi bekar hai Dosto se hi to zindagi mein bahar hai ... more>>
I was once living very actively - playing football, tennis, participating into car races. Sometimes I would play poker and pool. But later somebod... more>>
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