Manager Jokes

A Cork Radio Station in Ireland, 96 FM, was running a competition to find contest ants who could come up with words that were not found in any Eng... more>>
A scene from the movie Rough less People. It's been a while but I'll try to retail the scene for any one who hasn't seen it before. Danny is i... more>>
You know Occasionally have Really bad day, and you just need to take it out some one, don't take it out on some one you know, take it out on some... more>>
Bankers do it risk-free. Bankers do it just for money. Bankers charge a fee each time they do it. Bankers do it with varying rates of interest. Ba... more>>
You go to get a balance inquiry, and instead of printing out a receipt the screen says: "Not worth wasting paper", and ejects your card. You try t... more>>
After a 2 year study, the National Science Foundation announced the following results on the American Male's recreational preferences: 1. The s... more>>
"They told me at the blood bank this might happen." "This is just a 15 minute power-nap as described in that time management course you sent me." ... more>>
1) Qus. : What are you doing? Ans. : Business. Tax : PAY PROFESSIONAL TAX! 2) Qus. : What are you doing in Business? Ans. : Selling the Good... more>>
A bankogenic recession is a recession caused by bankers being reckless and making mistakes. The phrase was first coined by London Mayor Boris Johnson... more>>
A movement among anti establishment groups, like some factions of the neohippie movement, militant hippie movement,world reform movement,world wealth ... more>>
A movement that seeks to take over all the counties of the world and replace there governments with socialist, communist or anarchist ones ect. And... more>>
Somewhat similar to "Beer Goggles", a common aillengment in which one's over consumption of alcohol makes it appear as if said victim's bank account i... more>>
Noun; A Bank who will fight you to the death even when they are dead wrong. A Bank who skates on the thin line of legality Worst. Bank. Ever. ... more>>
A dull, middle aged man who works long hours and therefore for whom a bank holiday is one of a few days off they get in a year. As a result, despite r... more>>
An apartment complex located on Honeywell Parkway, formerly known as Bankhead Highway. The area was notorious for drug and gang violence, but has sin... more>>
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