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Uses For Data Head

1. Combination paperweight/stapler for Picard's desk
2. The ball in Parisis' Squares
3. Hood ornament for Shuttlecraft
4. Replace Troi's broken Chia Pet
5. Scare blind students in Braille class
6. Prop open doors for maintenance crews
7. Lawn decoration in Arboretum
8. Footstool for Captain's chair
9. Entertaining kids in day care puppet show
10. Scare Alexander into doing chores.
11. Send to doctor that killed Crystalline entity as gag gift
12. Decorative air filter in Picard's fish tank
13. Send to Starfleet Android research center so they can get "ahead" in research
14. Trade to Ferengi for Star Trek Hologram cards
15. Two words: tether ball
16. Keep Worf's coffee table from shaking
17. Centerpiece in Ten Forward buffet
18. Donate to Starfleet Academy to be head of the class
19. Use as nutcracker at Christmas time
20. Prove to insurance company he died so crew can collect on his lifeinsurance policy.