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Wife: Where are you? Husband: I'm at "Bank" Wife: Wow that's good. I need 20000 for new Cell Phone, 5000 for new dress, 6000 for new shoes, 400... more>>
Baby mosquito came back after 1st time flying. : : : : His mom asked him "How do you feel?" : : : : : He replied �It was wonderful, Every... more>>
5 Doctors and 5 Engineers are travelling by rail from Pune to Mumbai. They gather at Pune Railway Station. Both groups desperately try to prove ... more>>
"If the loser smiles after losing the game, the winner loses the thrill of his victory"!! That's the power of Smile !! ---------------------------... more>>
Class = BARDASHT Attendance = HERA PHERI Class Room = NO ENTRY Teacher = JANI DUSHMAN Exam = EVIL DEAD Examinar = DON Friend During ... more>>
Choosing Career Is Like Chosing A Wife From 10 Girls. Even If You Pick The Most Beautiful, Intelligent, Kindest Woman, There's Still Pain Of Los... more>>
Boy askd girl: y do u love a rose, Which dies in a day. But Don't love me, Who dies 4 u everyday?? Girl replied: . . . Oye hoye... Wh... more>>
Why husbands avoid questions! WIFE : What would you do if i died ? Would you get married again ? Husband : No.... Wife : Why not ? Don't you like b... more>>
Definition of Lecture: An art of transferring information from the notes of the Lecturer to the notes of the students without passing through "the m... more>>
A father wanted to teach his little son, the evils of alcohol. So, he put a worm in a glass of water and another in a glass of whiskey. The worm in ... more>>
A wife to her husband: Honey, what are you doing? I'm reading our marriage certificate. What for? I'm looking for the expiry date.. ... more>>
I got whupped so much, sometimes I hated to see my mother coming. I'm having fun with my brothers, my sisters, my friends -- my mother pulls up, and I... more>>
Queen Elizabeth and Dolly Parton die on the same day, but only one can get into the pearly gates. St. Peter asks Queen Elizabeth what makes her spe... more>>
A woman tells her friend she is getting married for the fourth time. "How wonderful! I hope you don't mind me asking, what happened to your first h... more>>
If I've invested precious time and energy in a relationship, and I've been honest and open, hanging and coping, true blue, a good screw, to some fly g... more>>
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