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Producer : Ambani Bros, Director : Sonia & Sharad Hero : Manmohan Singh. Villian : Baba Ramdev & Anna Hazare Supporting cast : Ashok Chavan, A... more>>
After being chased from everywhere Sadaam went to Mumbai where he met Rani Mukherjee. So he greeted Rani "kahoo Rani ji kya haal hai"? Rani "kya ba... more>>
If Bill Gates marries Madhuri Dixit; these could be the caption in Newspapers: 1. Bill goes Dhak-Dhak! 2. English Babu Desi Mem. 3. Brain m... more>>
Teacher: Prasang sahit vyakhya karo Bhige Hoth Tere, Pyasa Dil Ye Mera Student: Ye line bollywod ke prasidh kavi Sant Shri Emraan Hashmi ji ki rac... more>>
SCHOOL : Apni to paatshala masti ki pathshala TUTION : Idhar chala mai udhar chala MATHS : Ajeeb dastan hai yeh SCIENCE : Aa khusi se kudkushi... more>>
Mausam ek dun Lul hoi gawa hai. Bole to.. Sasura kabhi garmi lagat hai, to kabhi thanda. Kaunho firki le raha hai, hum logan ka.. eee wrong number... more>>
A few days later he got this reply: Dear, Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav, You do not meet our requirements. Please do not send any further correspondenc... more>>
He arranged a press conference: Bhaiyo aur unki Behno, aap ko jaan kar khushi hogee ki hum ko America mein naukri mil gayee hai. Everyone was deligh... more>>
Symbol: WO *Atomic weight: (don't even go there).Boils at nothing and may freeze at any time.Melts whenever treated properly. Very bitter if mishan... more>>
*Teacher: Did you finish you homework? *Childern: Did you finish grading my test? *Teacher: I have other children's tests to grade. *childern: I ha... more>>
Cop: "Did you kill this man?" Me: "No, a bullet killed him. Bullets are made of lead, which comes from the ground. The ground is part of nature. He d... more>>
Boy: *calls 911* Hello? I need your help! 911: Alright, What is it? Boy: Two girls are fighting over me! 911: So what's your emergency? Boy: The u... more>>
Santa was driving car very fast. Traffic police caught him. Santa - Sir, I am learning driving. Police - Without Teacher? Santa - Yes, I am from I... more>>
A scientist has come up with proof of something students have known for years: chemistry lectures are boring. In an article published in the current i... more>>
Question: If you pour a handful of salt into a full glass of water does the water level go down, or does the glass overflow? If you start with pure... more>>
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