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Cold Hands

There's an Ahmish girl riding in a buggy with her mother, and she
say's "my hands are
really cold, how can I warm them up?" Her mother say's "Put them
between your legs,
that will warm them up." So she does, and her mother was right. The
next day the girl is
riding in the buggy with her boyfriend, and he says his hands are
cold, so the girl say's,
"Put them between my legs, that will warm them up." So he does, and
his hands get
warm. The next day he has a cold nose, and they use the same remedy.
The day after that
he say's "My dick is really cold" and the girl says, "Put it between
my legs and warm it
up." So he does. She's talking to her mother the next day and she
asks, "Mom have you
ever heard of a penis?" Her mother says, "Yes, why do you ask?" She
says I don't know
what they are, but they make an awful mess when they thaw out!