English Jokes

Your Honour, Iam 75 year old. So here Iam sitting there Balconies in spring warm in evening. when a young man comes creeping on the balconies and si... more>>
A worldwide survey was conducted. The only question asked please your honest about solution to the food shortage in the rest of the world. In Africa t... more>>
One said, "It was a mechanical engineer Just take at all the joints." Another said, "No, it was an electrical engineer. The nervous system has many... more>>
Two engineering students were walking across a university campus where one said, "Where did you get such a great bike?" The second engineer replied... more>>
The first myth of management is that it exists. - Some people manage by the book, even those they don't know who wrote the book or even what book. ... more>>
A new manager spends a week at his new office with the manager he is replacing. On the last day the departing manager tells him, "I have left three nu... more>>
The NYPD , The FBI and the CIA are all trying to prove that are the best at Criminals. The Presidents Decides to give them a test Each of them ... more>>
Clinton decided to tell Starr all, "Bill kya kare jab kisi se kisi ko pyaar ho jaye..."., To which Star had a Ready Reply, "Aye Bill hai mushkil ... more>>
Tripp Recorded Monica's Confessions and went to Legal Eagle Kenneth Starr with her cassette and screamed "Le gayee Bill, Lewinsky..Paagal Mujhe ka... more>>
Then Closed the Door with a Mischievious Smile and Song.The Rest is History. The Poor Security Guards Outside Could only Hear the full Throated ... more>>
1) A man will show no pain while taking the most ferocious beating but will wince when a woman tries to cleanse his wounds. 2) If a large pane o... more>>
Then He Pulled her into his Office and thought of Aamir Khan in Ghulam-'' Aankhon Se Tune Ye Kya Keh Diya, Dil ye Diwana Machalne Laga-Monica Picke... more>>
Clinton arrives in Mumbai and he gets so impressed by Bollywood. He wants to be in Hindi movies and he starts dreaming.. Bill was in the Oval o... more>>
Yeh document, yeh meetings, yeh features ki duniya Yeh insaan ke dushman, cursors ki duniya Yeh deadlines ke bhooke, management ki duniya Yeh pr... more>>
Since Amitabh Bachchan's contract for Kaun Banega Crorepati is going to expire soon, here are a few persons who could audition for the show. Nan... more>>
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