Baby Videos Videos

Daddy Scares Baby
Daddy Scares Baby!! Very Funny Video
Two Funny babies  are fighting
Here is the cute fighting between two cute and funny babies, must watch this sweet and funny video
Funny Babies are eating lemon
Babies are eating lemons and making Different type of funny faces, must watch this video its very ...  more>>
Babies funny video
Dis is very funny as well you will start crying after watching this video because you wil ...  more>>
Baby is falling sleep
this baby is very Funny when he is sleeping.he is falling asleep because he is NOT in a maths class ...  more>>
Baby Funny Video
Have you ever stopped and thought about how string babies really are? It's incredible.This ...  more>>
Celebrities Before Photoshop
So you think your favorite celebrity is blessed with natural beauty and flawless skin? This video p ...  more>>
Funny Celebrity Cartoons
Celebrities might look great on camera, but they can look equally funny on a cartoonist's canvas. T ...  more>>
The Two Friendly Twins
The twin brothers are in a very happy and interactive mood. Seems like they are having a fun chat o ...  more>>
Accidents You Would Love to Avoid
This video compiles the funniest of accidents ever. Check out how each of them lands in trouble
Sam Learns to Count
Sam proves how good she is at counting. However, she does not seem to remember the numbers beyond t ...  more>>
Kid Can't Say
Check out how the baby makes all attempt to pronounce "Banana" correctly. Never mind, he will surel ...  more>>
Funny Home Videos
This video is a collection of all those candid pranks and funny memories that all of us have experi ...  more>>
Best Buddies Forever.
Dogs love children, and they would shed the same love and affection for their master's children, as ...  more>>
Little Baby Rides a Doggy!
Check out how the baby rides his pet doggy and even the doggy seems to love playing a horsey for hi ...  more>>
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