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Biwi Bathroom Se Naha Ke Nikli To Uska Pati Use Ghur Raha Tha! Biwi Romantic Hokar Boli: Kya Iraada Hai? Pati Ne 2 Thappad Maare Or Bola Mer... more>>
Position of husband is like a split A.C. No matter how loud he is outside, but inside the house, he is designed to remain silent, cool & contro... more>>
Husband:u will never succeed in making that dog obey u! Wife:Nonsense it's only a matter of patience, I had a lot of trouble with u at first. more>>
I love everybody. Some I love to be around, Some I love to avoid, and others I would love to punch in the face. more>>
1. Never walk without a document in your hands documents People with documents in their hand look like hardworking employees heading for importa... more>>
One employee told his boss, 'Sir, Increase my salary, I got married recently. The boss replied, The Company cannot compensate for the accidents hap... more>>

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