Techies Jokes

1.Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, and Bill Gates were called in by God. God informed them that he was very unhappy about what was going on in this worl... more>>
1. Programmer produces code he believes is bug-free. 2. Product is tested. 20 bugs are found. 3. Programmer fixes 10 of the bugs and explains to th... more>>
Caller: "Hello, is this Tech Support?" Tech: "Yes, it is. How may I help you?" Caller: "The cup holder on my PC is broken and I am within my warrant... more>>
1. You try to enter your password on the microwave. 2. You have not played patience with real cards in years. 3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers... more>>
You spend more time online trying to find a way of making money than actually making money. You have more than one degree from an online university. ... more>>
1. You must first remove the plastic cover. By doing so you agree to accept and honor Microsoft rights to all TV dinners. 2. You may not give anyone... more>>
. Buff your mouse pad . Make a list of things to download . Play a percussive beat on your thighs in time with your modern .Count to 500 in "cli... more>>
*One of Microsoft's finest technicans was drafted and sent to boost camp. At the rifle range, he was given some instruction, a rifle, and bullets. He... more>>
Read the commands... $ touch; $ finger; $ unzip; $ strip; $ mount; $ mv; $ halt; $ mv; $ halt; $ mv; $ halt; $ mv; $ halt; $ mv; $ halt... more>>
Bank Balance First Week : 10000 Second Week : 1000 Third Week : 100 Fourth week : 10 Conveyance First Week : Auto ("I can afford it") Sec... more>>
The travel agent was not listening carefully. It is impossible to travel faster than the speed of light. It is impossible to travel faster than th... more>>
RULES FOR THE SELECTION OF PASSWORDS: 1. A password must be at least six characters long, and must not contain two occurrences of a character in a ro... more>>
Costello calls Abbott with some questions about UNIX. Costello: What is the command that will tell me the revision code of a program? Abbott: Yes, t... more>>
In the beginning, God created the Bit and the Byte. And from those he created the Word. And there were two Bytes in the Word and nothing else existed... more>>
What seems to be the problem? There's a fly in my soup. Try again, maybe the fly wonot be there this time. No, it is still there. May be it is the... more>>
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