English Jokes

A woman is in bed with her lover who also happens to be her husband's best friend. Afteris love, while they're just laying there, the phone rings.... more>>
The manager of a small business and his secretary decided to go over to her place for some "gymnastics". After wards, they both fall asleep. Wh... more>>
The Fishing Season has Opened and Fisherman who don’t have License is Casting for john approaches . Any Luck ? This is a wonderful Spot stre... more>>
There Was a SalmonFisherman out the Ocean Fishing his boat Sank . He Was Lucky Enough to Make to a Deserted Island he had What He Could Find . ... more>>
A taxidermist was driving through he would stop at alocal bar and have beer.the locals didn't like outsider in their bar and when He Entered he w... more>>
An American Investment banker was at the Peir of Small Coastal MaxicanVillage when a small Boat with just Fisherman. Inside the Small Boat Were ... more>>
According to a news report certain private school in BC Recently with UniqueProblem.A number of grade 12 girls were Beginning in Use Lipsticks and... more>>
Two Fishing in a Boat Under a Bridge. One Looks up and sees a Funeral Procession Starting Across the Bridge. He Stands up, takes Off his Cap, and ... more>>
An Air plane was on Board Only 4 Parachutes. The first PassengerSaid Iam President Obama The Chosen One .The World Needs Me,I Can t Afford Me Di... more>>
Two Engineering students meets on Campus one day. The first engineer callsHey Nice Bike! Where do You Get it? I was Walking to Class the Other "I... more>>
People who Lives in Glass House Should Make LoveIn the Basement Never Reads the no Ways You are Going to likeit. If You Let a Smile be Your Umbrel... more>>
For Every Problem there Neat Plain Solution and It Always Wrongs For Every Vission there is an Equal and Opposite Revision Four Wheel-Drive Ju... more>>
A Light Hearted Presentation Of What We all Think about Our Moms at Different Points Of Our Lives . Don't get Surprised Because we All the Same ... more>>
My Mother Taught Me Logic : If You Fall Off that Swing and Break Your Neck , You Can't to the Store With Me. My Mother Taught Me Medicine: If... more>>
Dogs Always thinks you are smart and dont make fun of your short coming. Dogs spends less time worrying about hair loss. Dogs are rarely j... more>>
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